"Rlit-ddanakru knows the gate. Rlit-ddanakru is the gate. Rlit-ddanakru is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Rlit-ddanakru."

Rlit-ddanakru has power over time, thought, and information, and is the only one of the Primeval gods to be said to "think" at all. Obsessively studying all things that exist, Rlit-ddanakru seeks to manipulate the other Primevals. Methodical and precise, Rlit-ddanakru seeks to exploit existing systems, so that one day all the universe will be under it's control.

Rlit-ddanakru is omniscient, and sees the potential hidden within all things. It knows how to change and warp things to suit it's own purposes, although it creates very little. Rather than waste energy building it's own servants, it mutates and subverts the spawn of the other Primevals.

Worshipers devoted to Rlit-dannakru prefer to work in the shadows, initiating to mystery cults and joining secret societies. Occasionally, they even make war on one another, unable to identify the signs of a fellow worshiper of Rlit-ddanakru, to which the Primeval god might say, "Just as planned." Warlocks who chose the Great Old One patron almost invariably receive their power from Rlit-ddanakru.

Relit-ddanakru is the friend of Ehothular and Sarlogll, and dire enemy of Yshubotha and Ugophaz. It is the parent of Zoasis, Iknus, Suana and Okteus.


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