"The law is a chariot wheel which binds us all regardless of conditions or place or time. ”

Suana is the goddess of law, justice, bureaucracy and equality. Her temple are grand yet austere, with very little art or embellishment. While the sacred places of Suana are open to all, good behaviour is strictly enforced, and the lofty heights of the priesthood are obscured by the complex language of the courts.

Suana gifted the sentient races of the world with law and systems of judgement, and to a degree the goddess is obsessed with such concepts. This has ensured that there is a temple to Suana in virtually every city, and a cleric of Suana stands in virtually every ruler's councils. While this would seem a massive concentration of political power, Suana demands that this level of influence is used to further the church and maintain rule of law.

Two things make Suana's faith appear darker than it would seem. First, the wheel of Suana grinds finely but exceedingly slow. More than one criminal being sought Suana's judgment managed to slip the noose by simply being given enough time to leave town while the priests gather evidence. Second, Suana cares for law but not morality. She upholds the tyrant just as much as more gentle leaders.

Clerics following Suana tend to take the Knowledge domain, so they can arm themselves with the intellectual tools to enact their duties, or the Light domain, as a divine metaphor for how they shine light on the guilty. Paladins of Suana tend to take the oath of Vengeance, but some take the Oath of the Crown. There are a few monks devoted to Suana, who tend to practice the Way of the Open Palm, so that they are capable of taking out criminals on their pilgrimages and wanderings.

Suana is the child of Ehothular and Rlit-ddanakru. From the former, she gets her desire for order and things being in their proper place, and from the latter she gets her love of reason.


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