“Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”

Sennus is the god of wealth, trade, precious metals, as well as family, fertility and contractual loyalty. He is worshipped within the halls of elaborate and luxurious temples, who always demand donations and tithes from worshipers. Blessings are available for anyone with money, and worshipers commonly include craftsmen, merchants and the rich.

Sennus is not just all about gold and silver, though. He gave the sentient races knowledge of arithmetic and the concept of trade, as well as the idea that loyalty can be purchased with money. Indeed, one of the things that Sennus preaches most strongly is the idea that one must remain true to their clients, as the exchange of wealth for good and services is considered a sacred bond to Sennites.

Few people know about the greed and policies of the Sennite faith, however. Those who are largely ignorant of matters of religion and take Sennus at face value see only a church which stalwartly protects it's faithful, takes mathematics to all those who ask, and preaches about the importance of loyalty… that coincidentally happens to be very, very rich.

Sennus is remarkably varied in what powers he grants his priests. Clerics often take the Knowledge domain, but any domain gives them powers which can be bartered with the rest of the faithful for donations and tithes. On the other hand, the handful of paladins who are devoted to Sennus tend to take the Oath of Vengeance (chasing down those who have outstanding debts) or the Oath of the Crown (swearing completely loyalty to those who have purchased their loyalty). Few monks and druids choose to worship Sennus.

Sennus is the child of Sarlogll and Ehothular. From the latter, Sennus gains his powers over and love of measurement, and desire to have people's rank determined by the simple "score" of wealth. From the former, Sennus gains his predatory aspect, and his desire to to advantage of subvert the strength of others.


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