A plains kingdom in the central lowlands of the Eastern Continent, Aphonia is one of the major political powers in that region. It lies along the southwestern border of the Rallain Empire, northwest of the Magocracy of Mallos, northeast of the Theocracy of Laertia, and southeast of both the Landsender Mountains and the Kingdom of Algard.
Aphonia is mainly a human kingdom, with a handful of expatriates from other races living in small communities within the capital city.

Government and Rulership

The current state of Aphonia is closely tied to the larger-than-life persona of it's current king, Elumino VI. Elumino is famed for his indulgence and vanity, as well as his political and economic genius.

The people are largely agrarian, and the mild weather and fertile soil means that Aphonia is at the centre of the Eastern Continent's trade in grain, wine, cotton and dyes.


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