"We have no scar to show for happiness. We learn so little from peace."

Uxthur is the god of pain, alcohol, tenacity, and hedonism. While he is rarely worshiped except in secret, because he encourages selfishness and other "virtues" that are considered unsavory in civilized society. Uxthur enjoys pleasure at the expense of others, short-term gains regardless of the consequences, and taking what you want from others.

However, all gods gifted the sentient races with something, and from Uxthur, and from Uxthur they received the sweetest poison of all- alcohol. Beer, spirits, ales, and wines, all these thing owe their existence to the God of Pain, allowing many to have extra pleasure today at the expense of tomorrow. Uxthur is also the god of sex for pleasure. Uxthur has lead many worshipers astray into a endless cycle of uncontrollable ups and downs.

Clerics of Uxthur tend towards the Life and Tempest domains, one to represent Uxthur's lust and revelry in the finest parts of living, and the other represents the tempestuous nature of Uxthur's revelry. There are no paladins who revere Uxthur, but some Druids who ascribe to the Circle of the Moon worship him, and even a handful of monks who follow the Way of the Elements.

Uxthur is the child of Ugophaz and Sarlogll.


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