"My heart ceased beating, and the chill of death crept over my limbs, as with eyes starting from their sockets I stared at that awful form…"

Ehothular has power over form and space, and all measurements within. All things that exist in a single stable form over that power to it, and only by Ehothular's power can one stone rest upon another build something greater still. Do not mistake this for a blessing or kindness, as Ehothular seeks to freeze all things in place, a single magnificent universe perfect in it's stillness and silence.

Ehothular hates chaos, and cannot be said to feel as most living things do. Emotions are, by their nature, chaotic. Ehothular would rather wipe out sentient life than bear the multiplicity of feeling beings.

Worshipers of Ehothular are frequently dictators and autocrats, harsh with punishment and sparing with praise. That said, Ehothular also power power over peace, vastly preferring a system where nothing is out of place, and all systems rest perfectly on another like a house of cards.

Ehothular is friend to Yshubotha and Rlit-ddanakru, and dire enemy of Ugophaz and Sarlogll. It is the parent of Nione, Aohr, Sennus and Suana.


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