Tag: Fighter


  • Fighter

    Brave warriors who take the field with armour and blade, Fighters are, arguably, the most straightforward of all the classes. They hail from every race and every nation, and adhere to every creed.

    Hit Dice: d10

  • Battle Master

    To a Battle Master, combat is both an art and a science, something whose mastery lies in the realm of the mind as well as the body. They take a holistic approach to battle, seeking to excel is all aspects of war- tactics, the history of war, physical …

  • Champion

    The Champion focus on honing their raw physical might to deadly perfection. They seek to overwhelm their opponents with brute strength and steadfast resolve, and while they might be uncomplicated opponents, they are no less formidable.

  • Eldritch Knight

    The Eldritch Knight combines martial prowess with a careful study of magic. Using abjuration and evocation magic to augment their physical abilities, they can unpredictable and dangerous foes to spellcasters and warriors alike.

    Archetype …

  • Warlord

    The Warlord is a true commander of armies, and as comfortable on the battlefield of diplomacy as they are on the field of war. While they are not necessarily skilled tacticians, they direction their allies using force of personality and inspiration.

  • Arcane Archer

    Arcane Archers practice a unique method of archery that weaves magic into attacks in order to produce supernatural effects. These archers often find themselves as specialist irregulars in military forces or monster hunters that keep villagers safe from …